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2011-04-07 17:25

My son has a water blister now, since he wore tight brand-new leather shoes yesterday.
I had told him that he has to be careful when he buys a pair of new shoos.
I was suffering from an ingrown toenail for a long time,so I know how hard it is to walk with painful feet.
Before dinner yesterday evening,I was glad that I hadn't drunk any beer yet,because I was able to go back to the shoe store.
I drove to the shop soon after I made sure it was still open.
When I called the local small shop which is ran by a very old couple, the shopkeeper who closes the door after 5 o'clock said that he would be willing to open the shop for us if my son needed them for the next morning.
My son was lucky to get bigger ones for today,but I wasted the money for the first pair of new shoes.

But it's partly my fault.
I regret having not educated my son how to save money, he never thinks about the price and so on when he buys something new.