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2011-04-16 14:43

About three years ago,I wrote a handwritten letter to my son when he went to a training camp for the first time.
His school told all the parents to write letters to their children and to bring them to the school.
And during the camp the homeroom teacher handed over those letters to each student,so that they could remember the parents thoughtfulness,and be thankful for their parents allowing them to be apart from their own house.

My husband wrote his dream for our son's future,and I only expressed my appreciation that he had grown up without major problems.
My son wrote us from there and said that he thought highly of me but he only thought his father was featureless.
Maybe he was joking.

This month the school asked us to write a letter again.
The children are supposed to receive the letter form their parents while they are attending the camp. My letter will be simple just saying that I'm happy to have a good boy.
Neverthelss, I look forward to his reply .