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2011-04-25 21:51

The drugstore which I often go to is in a bad location, as it is underground of a station building, and it is far from parking.
Because of this, it doesn't seem to be doing much business.
I don`t go there to buy medicine, mostly cosmetics and athletic drinks.
Today, a cashier told me that I would be able to get some free gifts, as I had bought a lot of things recently.
She brought me a catalog in which there were many pictures of a variety of products, such as daily necessities, toys, clothes and food, and I could choose some of my favorite items.
The cashier was all smiles and patiently waited on me while I picked a frying pan as one of my free gifts.

She said that I still had a lot of points left, and she suggested I choose a few more items, so I decided to pick a few things for my employees.
Although I appreciate the gifts, I wonder why they don't just reduce the prices instead giving things away for free.