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2011-04-26 19:51

Recently, I have written about how I have been misplacing some things that are important to me.
Every time this happens it takes a lot out of me, because I spend a lot of time searching for them, and castigating myself for having to waste time and money replacing them.
However, instead of causing myself so much grief and anxiety, I should have thought about the lesson I learned from one of our parishioners a few years back.

He was an older gentleman who knocked on our door one morning looking for his walking stick.
He told us that he had visited our temple a few days earlier, and he thought that he had left his favorite walking stick here.
When I told him that we hadn`t found his stick he looked very disappointed, and he said that it held a lot of memories for him.

But, what I should have remembered was what he said next.
Even though he had lost something very important to him, he said that, in a way, it was a good thing, because he believed that his bad luck or bad spirits were exorcised or expelled with the lost object.
I don`t know why this memory came back to me after so many years, but perhaps more importantly, I don`t why I hadn`t been employing this philosophy everyday since I first heard it.