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2011-04-27 14:49

I try to think that at least I was unhurt after being so careless, and losing a lot of important things recently, however, I will never live down the regret that I felt after leaving my very precious English wordbook for the Level 1 English proficiency test on a train.

It's not an understatement to say that I lost the energy to continue studying English after that, as I felt a strong attachment to that text.
My son says that I tend to carry a lot of things, so I`m not able to pay attention to everything, and that is why I often lose so many things.
Then he cheered me up by saying that I would not need the wordbook anymore because I must have memorized all of the vocabulary in it. (Well, I wish I could have!)

The reason I miss the book the most is that I had written a lot of notes in the margins, which were my own annotation, so it was kind of like a piece of my personal history.
Even though it had become worn-out and looked dirty with finger marks from having used it so much, and dog-eared, from taking it everywhere I went, it meant a lot to me.

I am afraid I'm quite hopeless at managing my belongings.