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2011-04-29 15:49

This morning we had a Buddhist ceremony at the temple for the purpose of consoling the souls who passed away on March 11th.
Over 500 people gathered to mourn them. Everyday in the newspaper there is a column covering the bereaved families.

Yesterday, one Buddhist priest described the grief that he felt when his temple was struck by the tsunami and engulfed by water and debris.
To make the matter worse, he and his wife were rescued, however, his father and 19-year-old son were still missing. How ironic, his son was a university student in Aichi Prefecture, but he happened to be back in his hometown on March 11th.

So far, he's been too busy to search for their bodies, as endless people visit him to pray.
He believes that praying for the people who died on the day is his mission, so he has continued chanting sutra for the spirits in only the clothes he happened to be wearing that day.
I admire him for his mental strength.