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2011-04-30 20:04

This morning, my dog barked at a man who came from a security company which we have been contracted with for six months.
He said that one of the alarm instruments which they installed didn't function well, as the company's sensor had been warning and he was sent to check or change it.

About four months ago when I took my dog in as our family member from ARK in Osaka, she was very quiet on the way here for over three hours, and whenever I had visitors she did not look interested in them.I did not know he voice that is how she cried.

Her checkered dog life had ups and downs. But she finally has found her own home and thinks I'm her real master, that's why she barks when she has a chance to do so, though, it really was funny that she barked at a security guard.
I guess his uniform looked stern or too dignified for dog's eyes, so she must have thought he was a strange man.