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2011-06-27 17:08

I'm glad and sad by turns.
People around me may think it's silly to let myself be affected by my dog's condition, but it is not a trivial matter for me.

Yesterday, she looked fine, she pulled her leash and urged me to go far.
We walked nearly two kilometers.
Today, she stopped suddenly and seemed to lose the energy to walk further and lied down.
I waited for her until she finally started to move and continued on for over 15 minutes.
I was terribly hot under the sun after intervals of rainy days.
The heat was probably not good for her heart.
She looked miserable.

A few weeks have passed since the vet said she wouldn't be able to live longer, though she is still alive.
But I must admit that her heart has been deteriorating.
I've been spending many hours everyday taking care of her, even during the nights.
On top of that I desperately took her to a different vet and I told the new vet that I only hope she wouldn't suffer much until she breathes her last.