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2011-07-31 11:53

It's been six years since my mother passed away. Recently we had a memorial service for her, some relatives got together at my brother's house, and later we had dinner at a fancy restaurant.
There I had a chance to talk to my cousins for a while and had a good time.

My mother was still in her mid seventies when she died of cancer.
She went too early, and she suffered from the pain of her illness, but her spirit is everywhere, and I feel that she always helps me when I am in a quandary.

Tha day before yesterday I attended a funeral and accompanied the family to a crematorium.
I had not seen the deceased person for a long time.
I only remember that she hardly recognized me when I met her at her grandchild's wedding reception some years ago.
At the time, she was in a wheel chair because she was suffering from senility.

Compared to my mother, I guess, she died in peace at the age of 96.