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2011-08-05 18:09

Recently I received a greeting card from one of my newest friends.
She wrote a lot in a small post card about how she had been getting along.
She was busy visiting her sick mother-in-law who lived far away from her.

A couple of years ago, her son quit the junior high school where my son also attended because of financial problems, according to her, but I did not believe her explanation.
I thought that she and her husband had wanted to send their son to a more competitive public school, because they wanted him to go a prestigious national university since he was an honor student (actually, the top student) at that time.

Studying at a private school sometimes makes children lazy, but I found out that what she had said was true, and she still regrets that she was not be able to let her son continue at my son`s school.

She added that she and her son would like to be our good friends hereafter, although our sons are attending different schools now.
Her son used to tell her that my son was good in various areas and respected him, and he wants to see him again.

I was glad to know that my son made a good impression on him.