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2011-08-27 22:54

About two decades ago, I met a man who came to our temple every morning to pray to Buddha for himself.

He was weak physically and mentally and stopped working around the time he turned 40 years old.
Neighbors gossiped that he was thrifty and extremely serious.

When he killed himself, he left some fortune and a lot of jewelry that he had been collecting for a long time.
They said that he was eager to get married and had been looking for his perfect dream.
That is why he bought a house preparing for the future.

One day he committed suicide after he visited the temple to pray.
He had not been able to find his bride, so he must have been lonely and desperate as he thought that no one loved him.

Tomorrow his seven relatives are coming to have a memorial service at the temple.
All of them are his half-siblings ,but they still remember him and will come over from other prefectures.