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2011-09-11 17:45

This morning, I drove my son to the nearest train station before 7 o'clock.
He was going to go to Tokyo with his best friend, just the two of them alone.
On the way we did not talk much, but I only told him to be careful and if he was able to come back home safely, I'd be very happy.

He replied that he did not expect too much as usual.
He didn't think that the day would be a joyful day, but he didn't want to disappoint his friend, so he decided to go just for his friends sake.

Although he has a cheerful disposition, he is pessimistic in a sense just like his mother.
Once I get depressed, it takes time for me to get over it.
So I often tell myself that I would not have much fun each time I go somewhere.
But today I am seriously hoping that his one day trip will be something pleasant to look back on .