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2011-10-09 16:45

A few days ago when I was chatting with a French man and his son at a coffee shop, one girl who was sitting behind us suddenly spoke to us in French.
We were a bit surprised and said to her that we had never met a person who spoke French fluently like her in such a small town.
She replied and said that she studied in France for a while.

I was impressed to know that she is not the only person who speaks French well, her friends from university also are good at it.
My French teachers often complain that they rarely run across good French speakers in their daily lives, but there must be a lot of people like her.

After all the conversation ,the son's wife who was just sitting quietly said that she should start studying French from now on as she still couldn't speak it.
Then I encouraged her to do so because she will be a mother next year, it would be good for her half French child.