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2011-11-13 20:55

The sudden death of one of my employees made me terribly busy. Recently,
I have not been able to go to bed before mid night and have only slept 4 hours a night for the past 10 days.

In the days following his death I went to his wake and funeral, then I had to explain his role to other employees.
In the meantime, I went to my son's school to see 2 classes on the day for school visitation.
The subsequent week one carpenter who was doing work for us died suddenly at the age of 54 because of hard work.

With a haggard face I went to my father's house that weekend wearing a Japanese Kimono to attend a Buddhist ceremony.
My relatives told me I looked worn out and should take a rest, otherwise I would die of a heart attack like those men.
Now I feel pain stronger in my neck and back by fits and starts.