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2011-11-22 18:54

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the post card which was sent by my old friend.
It says that she is in mourning as she lost her son in January, and can't send a new years card.

She used to come to my house often with her deceased son when our sons were kindergartners, and she invited us to a Christmas party at her house one time.
On that day she prepared deep-fried shrimps, home made cake etc. and even put on a Santa Claus costume in order to entertain us at the end of the party.

She suggested we have dinner together before she and her family left for Chicago as her husband was being transferred there.
And whenever she came back to this town she brought me some gifts.

Until the family moved to a different prefecture after they returned to Japan, we thought our friendship would be endless.

My son said that he was his only friend in those days and still remembers him vividly.