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2011-11-23 19:03

15 years old is too young to die.
I somehow hesitated to talk to his mother who lives far from here, so I called his grand-mother in our town.
She said that when she came to our temple a few months ago, she spotted my son, and suddenly tears welled up in her eyes as she knew that my son used to be a good friend of her grand- son.
She said that a lot of memories came back to her when she saw my son.

She repeated "thank you" many times to me.
When I felt that she was on the verge of tears, my voice also broke with emotion.

The boy was good at sports, he was running ahead of his classmates in a running race one day, but suddenly collapsed, and stopped breathing.

He was healthy and he did not have too many problems unlike my son who is susceptible to colds, and fussy about food.
I wondered if it was destiny or if he could've lived longer if someone noticed his bad condition.