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2011-11-24 18:59

I have to fight back tears when I remember my son's friend who died suddenly this year.
Even though a few years have past since I last saw him, I still vividly remember his face.

His mother was rather strict to him about food when he was small, she never gave sweets to him.
One day I gave him some candy since he was fretful in the kindergarten bus on the way home.
But he spit it out as he was not used to the taste.

The day before yesterday when I received the post card, I was not able to get to sleep.
It's hard to imagine how sad she must be or how she has been able to get through these difficult times.
I'm sure she is still in the middle of the nightmare.
I'd like to cheer her up, but my words would not be able to console her.
So I decided not to call her.
Also she did not tell me when he died, I guess, not because of a long silence but because she might have thought that chatting with me would make her feel more distressed.

I sincerely hope that she and her family will reach a point when they can talk about their son sometime.