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2011-11-25 21:37

This afternoon, I received the certification card of my son's English proficiency test ,EIKEN grad 2.
He said that he was the first student in his class to pass he exam except for 2 returnees from English speaking countries.
Unfortunately one of the upperclassmen who was not able to pass the oral exam ran into him in the examination hall.
They were not able to find any other schoolmates there, so they went home the same way so they could talk about the exam.

My son's friend didn't look confident, on the other hand my son was optimistic as he is younger than him, and he will have many opportunities to try the same grade by the time he reaches his friend's age. Besides he thought it would be presumptuous to emulate the senior student. He should not outstrip him.

Anyway, my son must be a lucky man who is blessed and doesn't need to work too hard.