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2012-04-07 10:05

My son has taken piano lessons since he was 4 years old. He began to play by copying me when I used to play to him in his early years.

His first teacher was a very attractive young woman who was envied by a lot of the mothers.
This jealousy caused problems and eventually she had to return to her hometown,
I was sad because my son and I felt we had a good relationship with her.

He continued lessons at Yamaha, however his most recent teacher quit as she was was commuting from Inuyama, and this became too much for her.
My son saw this as an opportunity to quit lessons, but she introduced a new teacher.

To our surprise and joy the new teacher was attractive young (now middle aged) woman from his early days.
My son was motivated to show how he had improved and the teacher had also become more mature and lenient.
I was happy that they could reconnect
Two weeks ago, my son performed two songs at a piano recital, I am proud of him and thankful to his piano teachers.

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