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2012-05-13 19:20

My courageous neighbors.

At the end of this month my neighbors will travel to France, the daughter will enter Piano school to try and realize her dream of becoming a famous pianist.

I respect them both for their boldness, both of them speak very basic English and French, but their ability is fairly limited.
Recently they were advised that the daughter should finish mandatory education in Japan before moving, but the mother is intent on moving.
I feel like she is living vicariously through her daughter.

The daughter will have to attend regular public school in France where she will study a variety of subjects in French while trying to hone her piano skills in her free time, this will be a difficult balancing act.
Whereas, if she remains in Japan, she will have more time to dedicate to Piano and will have the opportunity to study abroad in 3 year.
I can`t decide which is the best option for her, so I refrain from giving her any advice.