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2012-05-28 17:28

I was too sad to do anything recently, as my dog finally passed away early in the morning on May 16th.
During the two days before she died, she did not eat anything, she managed to swallow some water that I gave her using my palm.

She was not able to stand, let alone walk anymore.
I knew that the day would come, and I prepared myself for the day, but still her death has left a void.
I devoted myself to her while she was alive,I gave her 10 years worth of love in 15 months.

On the day,I sent a message to the person who wrote a caption for the photo in The Japan Times on January 29,2011, in which my dog and I were in it.

She was kind enough to send me a mail to encourage me.
"It is always sad when animals leave us. They leave a big hole too, just like people do. You have my condolences. Please remember that the end is part of life."