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2012-08-29 23:26

I'm so careless, so I often skip words and make grammatical mistakes when I write and speak English.
I know that I should always make sure I speak correctly.
One of my private teachers was so serious that he never failed to point out my errors. He wrote down everything he noticed.
One day he said that I spoke very fast ,so he could not take memos.
I wondered if it had good or bad connotations.
Since he left Japan, he sometimes asks me if I have been studying English and French for the proficiency exams.

この先は、ST Rocker(ビートルズの新しい解析のページ)さんへ送ったコメントと同文です。
I agree with you, every person has their own innate ability. Some people are good at science and some are good at literature, while others have the potential to become leaders. Like you said even two people who have the same level of ability, due to their environment, will develop differently. I also agree that if we make a small effort everyday, gradually we will become more and more successful. Having said that, some people are just naturally talented and intelligent, while ordinary people no matter how hard they try still can`t achieve their goals.
Un jour...un jour...ça ne va pas arriver. Quand est-ce que je vais atteindre le but que je me suis fixé? Je suis fatiguée!