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2012-10-13 13:37

A woman who recently started visiting my blog, sent me a thank you letter giving her real name and age. When I read one of her entries, she sounded depressed because she spends a lot of time in a medical treatment room.
She still doubted if she would be able to recover from breast cancer. She thought she was doomed. Now she is doing better as she had read my letter, according to her, it had encouraged her. Giving our real names is rare among blog friends as long as we only communicate with each other on the Internet, but I gave her my information too. I really hope that she will get better and can lead a happy life.
The other woman said in her message that she often tries to read my English entries.
She asked me if I had been practicing playing the piano. Then I found out that she is a piano teacher. I felt embarrassed because my performance which I posted in my blog is not so good.