現在猫6匹のみ、初めて犬のいない暮らしをしています。ピアノ、英語、フランス語歴は長いですが、数年前からドイツ語勉強し始めました。ブログの名前は“Le Petit Prince 星の王子さま”より

2013-05-10 21:36

A few months ago, one of my friends who speaks French, Spanish, Russian, and of course English got married to a woman who also speaks French. According to him, her French is better than his as she had lived in France for a long period of time. She has still been studying French at a French language school in Nagoya where they first met each other.
He once said that it would be difficult for him to find a companion because he'd like to spend time and money studying and traveling, so his future partner would not be satisfied with his lifestyle. I am happy for him that he was finally able to find his perfect spouse in his mid-forties. They met each other at a French language school, and they studied in the same group. They share the same aim; they want to acquire a high level of French linguistic knowledge.
He is now back in my language school where I go sometimes, after he studied in a different school for a while, because he found that the former is better. Thanks to him I can see the difference without taking lessons between two schools. Even though he has been studying English and French for a long time, probably twice as long as I studied, but he hasn't been able to pass level 1 which is the top grade of English proficiency test, and level 2 in French either. I think it is because he has been very busy studying many languages at once. Recently one of my teachers there said that he and I are the students the school should be proud of, what he said really have encouraged me.(2013.7.10)