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2013-10-23 15:02

Recently I've canceled many of my private English and French lessons. I had wanted to stop seeing all of my teachers, but some of them had already planned to come, so I didn’t have the courage to tell them that. I had realized that paying a large fee for those lessons in such a short time didn't make my languages improve, especially my writing skills. In the last few years I have rarely had time to review and memorize what I had learned because of my busy schedule. I also have started to think that I should make use of my money for my future, and should not waste it on my pastime, which is not pleasurable any more.
It is nice to do something else apart from studying, like going to the DVD rental shop. I must spend at least 40 minutes going there and coming back home, including choosing nice DVDs. I finally managed to watch 'The client' and 'The Shawshank Redemption' which I had wanted to watch for a long time. Nowadays an old movie costs only one hundred yen to rent. With regards to The Shawshank Redemption, I was very impressed by the untiring perseverance of the protagonist. It was my second time to watch 'The client' , but I still found it enjoyable. I always think Susan Sarandon is very attractive.(2013.10.23)
While my husband was jogging before dinner, he saw our son walking with his girlfriend. it was a coincidence that they took the same direction at the time. My husband immediately told me, saying that it was really big news. I was rather pleased to know that my son is just an ordinary boy, not too upright.(2013.10.7)