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2010-10-04 11:14

This morning, I've met my son's old kindergarten teacher for the first time in two years.

She spoke to me with a smile in the post office unexpectedly.
She is married and we are one year different in age, but she looks much younger,
and no one denied that she was the prettiest woman in this town and in this prefecture among the kindergartners' mothers.

She doesn't play the piano,or speak English either.
But she has a beautiful voice and her handwriting is marvelous.

Her amiable manners make other women feel comfortable.
This morning she looked as beautiful as ever,
then I thought that she must have been taking good care of herself since she doesn't have any children.

When I feel small because of beautiful women like her,
I always think of my son, because his existence changed my world,
that is he makes me feel happier and more exuberant.