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2014-06-19 07:56

One of the staff at the clothing shop where we go sometimes remembers my son and I. On Sunday, she was all smiles and recommended a summer suit for my son who would need it for an upcoming music concert. Last time we went there, it was spring, she saw us off at the car park until my car finally left and drove into busy national road No.1. And this time also she was standing under the sun, even though it was really hot out there. I felt sorry for her and hurried away so that she could get inside quickly, even though I did like her attentive service.(2014.7.22)
Recently, I went to a driving school several times for my son, who would like to go to the driving school. I also I went to city hall to get his certificate of residence which is necessary to obtain his driver's license. The nearest school from my house is in Nagoya city. It takes 25 minutes to get there, the city hall in my town is a 10 to 12 minute drive, though. No wonder I felt busy last week. I told my son that I would not be able to drive him to his piano lesson on Monday , violin lesson on Thursday and to his university when he wants to take his violin lesson on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. He finally told me that he would like to drive himself, and buy his favorite type of car. It will take a few months to finish his course since he cannot go there every day, but it's better than never going forever.(2014.7.14)
Next month, on August 10th, the university orchestra my son belongs to will be performing in Nagoya. I agreed to buy 30 tickets to support his group-mates. I hope I will be able to distribute them all before the concert, but it might be difficult to convince my friends and family to attend an amateur performance of classical music.(2014.7.8)
My son looked happy to meet some members of the Nagoya symphony orchestra yesterday. His school orchestra club had asked the professional performers to visit the university and give them lessons individually. Yesterday was the one of the rare occasions for them to learn professional techniques. My son said that the violinist who taught him was amazing. He had never imagined that he would be able to improve his violin skills. But, thanks to the tips the musician gave him, he was able to improve. (2014.6.27)