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2014-03-23 01:05

I usually convince myself that I don't have a birthday. My husband is busy on the day almost every year, and we have never gone somewhere or had a party for me. He often says that I am rich enough to buy whatever I want. He used to buy me a bouquet of flowers before, but he chose flowers in primary colors even though I like pastel, so I told him not to buy them. He started buying plants, but I also didn't like them either since I had to take care of them. (2015.1.25)
Hello, Reiko-san!
Very interesting story.
After all, what do you expect your husband to do for you?
Or, do you think that any man should know what his partner really wants?
Posted by ST Rocker at 2015-02-12 20:16 | 編集
Dear ST Rocker,
I would like my husband to know my preferences and understand my pastimes. I like to study, watch movies and read books. According to him, those thing are for students. He wonders why I have to study languages. He is not that happy that I often have teachers at my house.
I need to have my own time, not to relax, but to sit at my desk and check vocabulary in the Japan Times.
Posted by ReikoJanvier at 2015-02-13 09:18 | 編集