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2015-08-07 21:04

Last Wednesday,my husband and I went to a concert of the NHK Nagoya junior philharmonic orchestra. The hall was full of people and the music was thrillingly beautiful.
One of my son's former school teachers' wife is now my friend. She had given me the tickets for that concert, since their daughter played the violin in the orchestra. She passed the audition about a year and a half ago. They must be proud of their smart, pretty and talented daughter. One year she was taking English lessons with a native speaker who I had introduced her to. She became confident after she got used to being around a foreign teacher, according to them.
Mercredi dernier, mon mari et moi sommes allés au concert de l'orchestre symphonique de la NHK jeunesse à Nagoya. La sale était pleine. Les musiciens sont mineurs, mais professionnels parce qu'ils ont réussi une audition.
Une amie m'a apporté deux tickets pour le concert, car sa fille a joué du violon dans l'orchestre.(2015.8.7)