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2014-09-23 21:14

The store clerks in the electronics store were all amiable when I was looking at PCs. I didn't know the shop was supposed to close at 7 o'clock. They said they were very happy to have me even though I went there right before the shop closed. I noticed that the front door of the shop was already closed, but they said it was OK for me to look around until 8 o'clock. One of the clerks finally showed me the way out. I apologized to him that I disturbed and prolonged their work, but he thanked me since I bought one of the best models. There probably weren't many customers there today.(2015.7.29)
Mon fils m'a dit dans son courriel qu'il allait me donner des conseils pour les ordinateurs ( ça serait plus facile à gérer ) quand j'en achèterai un neuf. Je n'ai pas pu lui dire que j'avais déjà acheté un portable hier.
La dernière fois quand j'ai choisi un nouvel ordinateur moi-même il y a 3 ans, il était un peu de mauvaise humeur. Il pense qu'il s'y connait beaucoup en ordinateur, donc je dois compter sur lui, et cependant il ne l'utilise pas. Peut-être il est attentionné.
Yesterday, my son sent me an e-mail and said that I should talk to him before purchasing a computer as he could tell me which one was best. I was not able to tell him that I had already bought one yesterday.
The last time I bought a laptop was about 3 years ago. He criticized me because the model I bought was not sophisticated in his opinion. Even though he has never used my computer he wants to help me choose one. He wants to look out for his mother.(3015.7.30)