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2016-07-21 08:21

I will have to organise the books that my father still wants to keep, but I don't know how to do it.
Today I only changed the water in the flower vases in his room, and moved a heavy statue of Buddha for him. He never stops thinking about what he would like me to do everyday.

Je devrais ranger les livres de mon père prochainement.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai changé l'eau du vase à fleurs dans la pièce de mon père et bougé une petite statue bouddhique pour lui.
Mon père ne s'arrête jamais de penser à ce qu'il veut me faire faire dans sa maison.


やめなさい。Stop it! Humanbeing is egocentric ! If you let your father make you work, do anything on his will, his demand would surely be more and more selfish and heavy. Burn all the books and Buddha after his death. That's all. Nobody can read books on the earth afer going to paradise.
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motomasaong さん、
I can't  be such a  heartless person. People cannot just  discard things that they have  cherished for a long time.
My father was a teacher and loved literature so many of his books are first editions.
As for myself I've already put away my books as I am not that interested in old literature even though I majored in the classics at university.

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